YouTube Marketing; the Breakthrough for Your Campaign

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According to Alexa ranking, YouTube is the third most visited website in the world after Facebook and Google. With over 1.2 billion users, YouTube has become king of video content marketing, the second largest search engine in the world, and an integral part of content marketing. This awesome platform is owned by Google. Also, according to Alexa ranking, an averages user spends 24 minutes daily on YouTube. With all these facts, it is safe to say that YouTube is your ultimate choice for your campaign. If you have ever wondered which platform will give you a breakthrough in your campaign YouTube is the answer for YouTube views.

Why Should I choose YouTube?

If you are a careful observer, you will notice that videos rank higher than most of the backlinked blogposts and SEO optimized articles on Google search. Even the top SEO experts in the world, make use of YouTube marketing, so what is your excuse? The brain would process a watched video faster than written texts. YouTube marketing gives you an opportunity to relate directly with your customers, viewers can see your face and hear your voice when they watch your videos, and this creates a psychological bond between you and them. They feel like they know you already and can trust you. This is one edge that YouTube marketing has over all other forms of marketing. It is easier to connect with a video than a written article. YouTube is an avenue where you put a face to your name, a face that your customers can easily relate with, and unlike written texts, your customers have a face they can get acquainted with. Typically, it takes lesser time to make a YouTube video than the time it has taken me to write this article. So, many celebrities you know today started their journey here on YouTube. When you create highly engaging videos on YouTube, you would definitely drive massive traffic back to your website for YouTube likes.

A Change of Mentality is needed For This Breakthrough

There are a lot of thing that makes people afraid of video marketing, some might say they are not camera friendly, thank the heavens we have something called Screen casts. What are these things that we are afraid of mainly; ridicule, criticism, bad comments, dislikes on our videos, lack of confidence, physical appearances, and the thought that we didn’t script our videos well, or pronounce words properly. All of these and more are part of the things we fear. But if you want to succeed in YouTube marketing, you need to have a shift in mindset and a change of mentality. Continuous practice they say; makes perfect. Be yourself, don’t imitate anyone, and don’t be afraid. Break free from the barriers and fear, and experience an immense breakthrough today in your YouTube marketing.

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