Which version of iPhone 6s is worth buying?

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When the new iPhone is released, for which version the purchase price is appropriate, has been the concern of users. Especially as a variety of special domestic network system, much homework should be done before buying. In the previous batch of mobile phone sale period, due to supply shortages, prices of Hong Kong version and the US version are not necessarily much cheaper than the China version on retailing. We see the user most often buy Apple mobile phone from three standard areas, and find Apple have launched a total of three network standard not the same iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus. IPhone 6 models are A1700, A1633, A1688, and iPhone 6s Plus models are A1699, A1634, A1687.


China mainland version

China mainland is among the starting areas of iPhone this time. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus are the two models, namely A1700 and A1699, support FDD-LTE, TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, CDMA2000, CDMA, and GSM standard. Netcom version is the exclusive version of the China mainland. In addition, this year for the operator version, the models are also unified for the two, and no longer appear phenomenon of lock network. China version of the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus support Visa, MasterCard, American Express, UnionPay Quickpass (UnionPay flash), which is why it is exclusive model.


Second, the current on China mainland Apple official website it supports installment payment, which Apple official website joint China Merchants Bank launched the "three-stage interest-free", there is no fee and interest in the staging. Buyers who have no enough money can also consider this channel the first time to get an iPhone 6s.


Hong Kong version

Every year, the number of users who purchase Hong Kong version of Apple's mobile phone is continually creasing, mainly because it is cheaper and can also enjoy the warranty service in the China mainland. Hong Kong is still the starting area, the official price is about 800 RMB cheaper than the China mainland version, but some models are currently out of stock because of color phenomenon.


At present, Hong Kong launched the iPhone 6 model is A1688 (GSM), and iPhone 6s Plus model is A1687 (GSM). In areas where there is no CDMA network, the main purpose is to save royalties. In addition to Hong Kong, the Taiwan version, plus version, the Australian version, the new version, the European version, Korean version, the United States T-Mobile are the model, only supports mobile Unicom dual 4G, cannot use the telecommunications card.


US version

There are two models in the United States, including A1688 (CDMA), A1687 (CDMA) six templates, also supports 4G full network, this network standard is also equipped with the Japanese version and the version of Macau.


In addition, there are A1633 and A1634 five-mode dual network in US version, support FDD-LTE, TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA and GSM standard, popular is that you can use mobile / Unicom 4G / 3G / 2G network, for telecommunications users it cannot be used.


4G all Netcom: China Version, the United States T version, the United States V version, the United States S version, the Macao version, the Japanese version of unlock. Mobile Unicom dual 4G: US A version, the European version, Canada version, Hong Kong and Taiwan version, do not support telecommunications users.


From the point of view on price, the Hong Kong version of iPhone 6s is 800 RMB cheaper than the China mainland version, which is not a small number. So for those buyers who are sensitive to price differences, how to choose iPhone 6s between Hong Kong version and China version? Which version is good? Of course, the Hong Kong version is the first choice.


Due to some reasons you understand, the China version iPhone 6s compared to the Hong Kong version less Facetime and volte function, although the using frequency of these two functions in the daily is not high. For those people who care these two elements, the China version of iPhone 6s will obviously be excluded. In the network system, the China version iPhone 6s supports three networks, China mobile, China Unicom and Telecom 2/3 / 4G take-all. Although Hong Kong version of iPhone 6s has all Netcom version [iPhone6s (A1688)] / [iPhone6s Plus (A1687)], but telecommunications users Please note that do not buy a lock version of iPhone 6s (A1633) and a lock version of iPhone 6s Plus (A1634), because these two models do not support the telecommunications 3G / 2G network.


From the current situation, the China version is first recommended for China mainland users, not only because it supports the whole network, but also because the current price difference is not a lot. China mainland version of iPhone6s / 6s Plus completely do not have to worry about their own use of which telecommunication operators the card is support, you can also enjoy after-sales service, no need to worry about non-human damage situation. As the first batch of basic increase in the sale, so in fact the advantages of parallel imports have been further weakened. If the funds are limited to buy other countries version, then need to wait a few months’ time.


For Mobile / Unicom users, the China iPhone 6s and Hong Kong iPhone 6s which is better? In fact, the difference is very few, the network is common. So both versions are no problem. But for China Telecom users, if you choose Hong Kong version of iPhone 6s, you may pay attention to the purchase of unlocked refurbished iPhone 6s from a profession dealer such as Cell Phone Age which has been specialized in mobile phone industry since 2008.