Urdu Langua

Anything is written in any language that spoken around the world has its own effects on its readers. And it impacts their feelings and emotions. Urdu is that the most progressive language and its dramatic effects on the culture, social and literature of the generations. The foremost vital role of Urdu language is that it integrated the communities within the oriental societies. The conquerors and defeaters of the countries India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and alternative countries have accepted the social, cultural effects of their language. These conquerors were spoken Persian and Arabic.

And these regions were speaking many various languages. To act with one another they required one common language. This interaction developed a standard communicative language known as Urdu

Basic supply to unfold Urdu language is poetry. Poetry competes for an awfully vital role for the institution of the language As T.S. Eliot says, "Poetry ought to facilitate, not solely to refine the language of the time, however, to forestall it from dynamical too apace." Sixteenth to until the nineteenth century has the masters of Urdu poetry .It is the golden period of time for the Urdu poets. The poets of lately square measure following the grand masters.

The noticeable effects of poetry square measure within the “Ghazal” it conjointly has romantic effects. Folks of various languages wish to listen and browse “Ghazal”. Our history has the masters of the “Ghazal”. The foremost in style names of the Ghazal master square measure Mirza Galib, Mir Taqi Mir, Etc. nazam (poem) is additionally a type of poetry. Nazam (poem) depicts a continual single theme ad largely related to philosophy. Nazam has marvellous social and political effects.

Nazam has modified the social and political structure of countries. The foremost in style nazam writers square measure Allama Muhammad Iqbal and twit. Each nazam and Ghazal compete for an incredible role to rework the thoughts of people and teams alike. Within the history of Urdu literature twit, Josh Malihabadi was the grand writer whose contribution is outstanding within the Urdu literature. Alternative kinds of Urdu poetry also are contributed except for the short period of time. The mixture of Persian and Arabic beautified Urdu however with the idea of recognition and modernization of west culture within the East Urdu language in distorting.

Urdu Poetry is good for Mental Health

According to the research of Centre of Biomedical Research Lucknow, India the Urdu poetry can play a healthy role in the nourishment of brain and the report came out in Neuroscience Leaders Magazine.

The research tells that while reading Urdu poetry the different parts of the brain are being used which matter to decision making, sense of proportion, controlling the emotions and getting rid of depression.

According to the research by learning the Urdu language one can stay away from diseases like dementia while the children can get rid of disability of learning.

The research also reveals that learning the Urdu language is far difficult than Hindi, German, English and French because the several parts of the brain are used while learning Urdu which extremely good for brain health.

Urdu Poetry not only causes peace for your soul but it is good for your brain as well.