Steps to Make Plastic Mold

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This is a process of making plastics parts through injection of molten plastic products at a very high pressure into a metal mold. Just like any other plastic molding, after injecting molten plastic into the mold. Then it’s cooled, and opened to unhide solid plastic part.
The following steps will make injection plastic mold successful.

1. Determine the Mold Ability

Before you make a decision to move forward with your project, first determine whether the injection molding will work or not for all parts you are trying to make at the end of production.

2. Find workable plastic

Find plastic based on the targeted end plastic molded products you want to make and how it’s to be used so as to get the expected outcome of the products you have input.

3. Determine the Shrinkage

Immediately after plastic has been injected in the mold, it begins cooling causing some certain amount of shrinkage. Thus, this should be determined before the time to enable registering it in mind so as to apply it as injection plastic molding is in process, thus resulting in a perfect size and the product you preferred to get at the end of it.

4. Determine the Gates

Gates are the areas in injection molding where the plastic is poured. Make sure you select the gates which will not affect the final product but to maximize a good injection.

5. Decide on the Quantity you need

Determine the products to be used depending on the size of the mold. In this, the quantity of products to be used depends on the quantity of the mold you expect to get at the end of it.

6. Determine the Mold Size

Your final product is the determiner of the mold size required. Thus ensure you have the mold which will enable its production as well as allow shrinkage so as to get the best product.

7. Determine the Press Size

The press needed is determined by the size of mold to be produced. Press is specifically needed so as to hold the mold during plastic injection process.Therefore make sure you have the best one for the job.

8. Design the Mold

After all the above named processes and the decision reached at, you can now apply knowledge as you design your expected mold product.

9. Build the Mold Now

After you are complete with the design, as well as knowing the press size required, build the mold which will meet the specifications you have set.

10. Debug the Mold

After running the initial plastic injection, inspect the first prototype. During inspection, check errors, if any found, go back to the building step and do correction where necessary.

11. Quality Control

As you put the mold into production, make sure the quality check is carried routinely to ensure there is consistent and the mold is doing well as per the time goes.

If you want to do any job, make sure before beginning determine are the needs of the end product. Approach your project in a methodological manner just like the above discussed, since it guarantees putting all your best details into all steps thus resulting in a better end product.