SCADA Implementation In Workplaces

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If you are planning to get SCADA software implemented in your organization, there are certain steps that need to be followed. If the right system implementation is achieved, this can lead to the smooth flow of data between different processes and report generation or other application output that would occur without manual intervention. As data collection and management is done by such systems, the benefits can be numerous for any organization.

Finding the right source

To start off, any SCADA software will not work unless you get it customized for your processes. For that reason, finding the right SCADA vendor is important. There are different industrial segmentations with such software applications as well. Finding the right SCADA system for your industry vertical will help lessen the customization requirements. As a result, the system will be easy to tailor make for your requirements.

Getting implementation done

One could get a trial or free SCADA version to understand how it would benefit and fit into existing systems and processes. Getting free SCADA software implemented, could also work when one is unsure how it would benefit and how well existing personnel be able to use the system output. Once such a trial phase is successful, one can then seek to implement a comprehensive SCADA system in their organization.  Implementation would be carried out in different stages. There are certain hardware components of such a system that need to be set up correctly. These comprise of the following units:

  • Central repository is a database system where the necessary data gets collected.
  • Human and machine interface is set up to provide supervisory control on data processing and management.
  • Remote access is provided to different systems which might be based in one location or in different places.
  • Web access is also provided in modern SCADA systems.

Training for personnel

Once such setup is completed, the system processes and features need to be introduced to the personnel. As different department personnel usually access data from such a system, being familiar with the different modules, functionality and data flow is necessary. For that reason comprehensive training sessions are usually held by the vendor support team. Again, supervision and managing the technical aspects of the system need to be properly understood by the technical team of an organization. Managerial control and supervision of team managers is a distinct training that is different from training personnel who would feed data into such systems or gain output from the same.

Support and upgradation

Implementing a SCADA software system does not end at the initial implementation stage. There might occur hurdles in using such a system. For that reason most vendors provide a helpline and support for technical help to their client organizations. Again, when new modules need to be added or process changes need to be done; it is important that the right technical support is gained. For that reason, it is necessary to gain a reliable vendor for getting such a software and implementing the same. Prompt support and assistance as and when required is crucial as well.

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