Samsung Mobile Price

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The Samsung has launched many great and mid-range smartphones whom you can buy. Now, check out the Samsung mobile price list with picture in the below to choose the best and most affordable smartphone. Moreover, the below phones has many cool and useful features and mid-range price as well. Besides, you can see in the below what price those phones have in different countries.

Samsung mobile price
Samsung Mobile Price List with Picture 2017

You must see the Samsung mobile price list with picture in the below. You can choose a great and affordable Samsung smartphone for you among them.
Samsung Galaxy J7 Max

Samsung mobile price

This smartphone is very affordable which has the price around USD 285 in the USA, GBP 228 in the UK, AED 1,026 in the UAE, BHD 371 in Bahrain, Samsung Mobile Price and EUR 262 in Europe. On the other hand, this awesome smartphone has the price INR 18,525 in India, KWD 86 in Kuwait, and OMR 108 in Oman as well. Besides, it has the PKR 29,640 in Pakistan, QAR 1,026 in Qatar, SAR 1,055 in Saudi Arabia, AUD 373 in Australia, and CAD 371 in Canada.
Samsung Galaxy A3 2017

Samsung mobile price

The Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 is also a very affordable smartphone on the Samsung mobile price list with picture. However, this phone has the price around USD 376 in the USA and GBP 301 in the UK. It also has the price AED 1,354 in the UAE and BHD 489 in Bahrain. At the same time, this mobile’s price is EUR 346 in Europe, INR 24,440 in India, KWD 113 in Kuwait, OMR 143 in Oman, PKR 39,104 in Pakistan, and QAR 1,354 Qatar too. It has the price around SAR 1,391 in Saudi Arabia, AUD 493 in Australia, and CAD 489 Canada.
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

Samsung mobile price

This amazing phone has a mid-range price according to the Samsung mobile price list with picture. This phone has the price USD 313 in the USA and GBP 250 in the UK. Its price is AED 1,127 in the UAE, BHD 407 in Bahrain, and EUR 288 in Europe. In the meantime, this smartphone has the price INR 20,345 in India, KWD 94 in Kuwait, OMR 119 in Omar, PKR 32,552 in Pakistan, and QAR 1,127 in Qatar. Besides, this phone’s price is SAR 1,158 in Saudi Arabia, AUD 410 in Australia, and CAD 407 Canada as well.