Quick Healing Using Ultrasound Therapy

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The physiotherapy is a branch of medical science that deals with the muscles and motor movement of the body. Due to various reasons many times the movement of different organs of the body gets restricted, and hence one needs to get it treated by an expert. The expert of this branch is known as a physiotherapist who with the help of various devices, techniques, and exercises, as well as therapies, can make the movement right and that too without any pain. Hence the patient can get relief in a few days if the treatment creates desired effects. The therapeutic ultrasound therapy is the use of sound waves to treat injuries. This therapy has been popular among the doctors since the 1940’s. In this treatment method, a coupling gel is applied on the head of a probe which is placed in contact with the skin directly. The ultrasound therapy is useful in relaxing the tissues, speeding up the healing process, increasing the blood flow, repairing the broken tissue, and heating the tissue. How the Ultrasound Therapy Work? The ultrasound therapy is done using a device known as the ultrasound therapy unit. This device works on the principle of piezoelectricity. Ultrasound waves are produced by the device using piezoelectric effect produced by the vibrations of the crystals that are present in the ultrasound probe. These waves then pass through the skin and cause a vibration in the tissues of the affected area. These vibrations cause a mild heat on the skin. This heat is helpful in relieving the pain and initiating the healing process. In situations where the heating effect is not required, discrete pulses are passed into the skin to avoid generation of heat. The ultrasound therapy unit manufacturers produce a variety of machines depending upon the need. How Can Ultrasound therapy help you? The ultrasound therapy increases the local blood flow which is helpful in reducing chronic inflammation and swelling. This therapy is quite useful in treating the bone fracture. The power density of the waves can be adjusted according to the desired effect. Based on the intensity required ultrasound therapy machines manufacturers produce machines of different types and size. This therapy is useful in treating spasms, joint swelling, soft tissue injuries, ligament injuries, and tendonitis, reduce inflammation. A regular ultrasound treatment takes only three to five minutes. In the case of severe injuries such as tissue breakage, the healing process may be much longer.