Pointers To Check While You Hire A DUI Attorney

A DUI attorney will come to your rescue when you are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic agents. DUI generally stands for ‘Driving Under the Influence’ and can result in the confiscation of your driving license or serve you jail time. Hiring an experienced DUI attorney will take away the stress. A DUI Attorney in Portland helps you decide whether to plead guilty or take the case to court. He may also help you navigate through the complications of the case. Here are some points to remember when you consider hiring a DUI Lawyer in Portland:

Make a List: Make a list of the potential attorneys that you might consider to take up your case. Personal recommendations will come in handy or you can go through the State Bar Association and choose a lawyer that seems best. You might also take help from a previous attorney whose guidance you took in some other legal case.

Experience: Do a background check to be sure that the attorney you are hiring is eligible enough to take up the case. Hire a licensed attorney who is experienced enough to take up the case and represent you in court. Do not hire an attorney who is disbarred or suspended, only because he comes cheap.

Consultation: While choosing an attorney, always go for an in-person consultation. Choose the one that you feel most comfortable with. Being transparent with all the facts of your case will help the attorney understand the case better. Keep track of the information and consultation provided by the attorney during the interview.

Attorney Fee: An experienced attorney will charge more than an inexperienced one. Consider his fees before appointing him for representation in court. Negotiate with the attorney to agree on a certain fee. Keep in mind that there may be additional legal fees that he will levy on you once the case progresses beyond the stipulated date.

A Eugene DUI Attorney may have an immediate impact on your day-to-day life. Apart from affecting your driving privileges, it may also have an effect on your employment and might even go down to possible jail time.