One of the v-belt pulley manufacturers in India

No industry can ever be complete without machinery like conveyor belts, v-belt pulleys, and other types of transportation systems. These are vital equipment. HIC International Co Inc is one of the leading v-belt pulley manufacturers in India. They manufacture v-belt pulleys, conveyor belts and export them to countries like USA, Australia, South Africa and others.

Let us look at the uses of these important equipment and their advantages in this article.

   1. Uses of V-belt pulleys:

This is a transmission belt that connects V-belt pulleys. The main use of the V-belt is to transmit the force from the engine to the ancillary parts of the machine that includes alternator, hydraulic pump, air conditioning compressor, the fan and the water pump.

   2. Use of conveyor belts:

Conveyor belts are generally of two types. The principal use is to handle moving boxes inside a factory. They have use in transporting large volumes of resources from one place to the other outside the factories as well. You find them in airports, especially for transporting the luggage of customers.

   3. Use of conveyor pulleys:

The conveyor pulley is a mechanical device used for changing the direction of the conveyor belt. It drives the belt and tensions it too. The modern pulleys are made of rolled shells having flexible end disks and locking assemblies.

This equipment has great value in industries all over the world. HIC International Co Inc is one of the top conveyor belt suppliers in the country.

Let us look at the advantages of this equipment to the industry.

A V-belt drive is any day advantageous to the flat belt. Let us look at the benefits.

  • The wedges or grooves on the V-belt pulleys results in higher friction and hence transmit more power.
  • The angle of contact is reduced thereby increasing in higher power transmission.
  • The belt runs in to a groove thereby eliminating chances of slipping.
  • The V-belt drive is a compact system as the length between two shaft axles is less.
  • The greatest advantage of this system is that it works silently.
  • This system has a higher velocity ratio thereby implying it is faster.
  • You can use the V-belt drive in horizontal and vertical installations.
  • There are usually a number of v-belts in a conveyor belt system. This entails that the operation is not affected if any belt breaks down. The other belts can take over the overload.

One should have an idea about the disadvantages as well.

  • The grooved pulleys make this system a bit more complicated than the flat pulleys.
  • The intricate position of this equipment makes it difficult to disconnect.
  • You cannot use it for larger center distances.
  • These v-belts have a lower life span.
  • They are expensive as compared to the flat belt drives

Different types of V-belt pulleys

You have different types of v-belt pulleys as follows.

  • Standard pulleys: They have traditional dimensions with ether one or multiple grooves.
  • Companion pulleys: These pulleys contain integral spokes running radially on the pulley.
  • Idler pulleys: They are used as belt tensioners in v-belt drives
  • Variable speed pulleys: These pulleys have a variable pitch that addresses the driven RPM.
  • Step pulleys: They have two or more non-adjustable grooves to change the speed ration of the transmission.

HIC International Co Inc has a reputation of being one of the best conveyor pulley manufacturers.

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