Name Jewellery – From Ancient To Modern And Forever

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Is wearing the name jewellery an ultra modern trend? Well, many of the people may think that the name jewellery is a form of new invention as the customizing or personalizing opportunities are found in almost every street across the globe. Truly speaking, the name jewellery is not at all a modern discovery or invention. For centuries it has been used. Yes, the people in the ancient times may have different purposes behind wearing the name jewellery, but they did use this type of jewellery. The kings or important personalities scripted their names on rings, bangles, necklaces, and bracelets etc. Many of such pieces of jewellery have been excavated in various parts of the world. Today, the trend of name jewellery appears in the state of revitalisation. A person’s wardrobe without some pieces of name jewellery is almost incomplete.

Personalized jewellery – An option limited to royal people

In ancient times, it was not quite possible for every layman to get the personalized jewellery with the name scripted on it. It was mostly the privilege of the rich and royal. However, in modern days, it is not so. It is no more the sole privilege of the rich. In fact, it has now become a quite a common practice among common man to personalize the name jewellery and escalate the charm of one’s personality in an effortless manner.

Again, in ancient times, there the choices in terms of jewellery metals were limited. Also, they were not as sophisticated as of those crafted in modern times. Today, one can find a great many choices in jewellery metal. For instance, a person desiring to wear the sterling silver name necklace can get one’s choice without any difficulty or inconvenience. Likewise, the people can easily get the name necklaces or other pieces of jewellery in various metals such as the gold, platinum, palladium, copper, and stainless steel etc.

The purpose of wearing name jewellery nowadays

Whatever may have been the reasons for wearing name jewellery in the ancient times, the purpose in modern days is the ornamentation and identity. Wearing the pieces of jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings, and anklets etc; one can easily enhance the charm and effectiveness of one’s personality. Again, the name jewellery very much speaks about the identity of the bearer.

Name jewellery – Perfect choice to express yourself

Today, gifting the name jewellery has become one of the best and most effective ways to express one’s feelings towards the family, friends, colleagues, and relatives etc. You can gift the name jewellery to your loved ones and carve a space for yourself in their hearts. Other gift items may fail to create the impact, but the name jewellery would always be successful. After all, there may not be much in a name for others, but for the name bearer, almost everything is there in the name.

The name jewellery has existed since the time immemorial, and its significance and use in modern days has escalated manifolds. The impact of such jewellery has always proven to be timeless. It is something that never gets obsolete or out of date. As a valuable item, it would play its role to enhance the charm of your personality as long as you keep wearing it.


Bryan loves to wear sterling silver jewelleries and off late he has develops a knack for name jewelleries. He has purchased a sterling silver name necklace for herself and in this post he has put forward her views and concept about name jewellery.