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Authentic guidance Attorney Robert Pascal is an adjoining Floridian, raised in Fort Lauderdale. For whatever timeframe that (20) twenty-years, he has dissected and sharpened in the regions of: Immigration, International Law, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Family Law, Corporations, Business Law, Trademarks and Probate through his own particular marvelous Law Offices of Robert A Pascal. He has solid jury trial relationship in the Florida Circuit Courts overseeing both criminal and central trials. He is completely bilingual in English and Spanish, and gives a more prominent piece of his availability to serving the Hispanic Community.

What Mr. Attorney Robert Pascal offers is a fluctuating establishment of experience and finding that he passes on to his clients. He can see certifiable issues that specific legal instructors hustled into one area of law may slight. What the clients like the most about Attorney Robert Pascal is that he is really stressed over his clients, and he isn't exactly as of late controlled with money related get. Mr. Pascal treats every client with a comparable sporadic condition of respect, without regard to their budgetary or enlightening establishment. When you change into a client of our office your record isn't seen by a number, yet by your name. You end up being a touch of our more inaccessible family, and will be lively to benefit to us later for additional real affiliations. Mr. Pascal hypothesizes meeting you, and helping you to pick your good 'ol fashioned issues. Impedance for a moment to study Attorney Robert Pascal arranging and experience recorded underneath.

Since 1991, the Law Offices of Robert A. Pascal, P.A. have been giving a wide show of particular great 'ol formed relationship to clients in the United States and abroad. It has been Mr. Pascal's defense to give individualized care with respect to every client. Every client is known by their name and not a record number.

The Law Firm of Robert A. Pascal, P.A. is for the most part planned in downtown Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and has been giving sound trustworthy depiction since 1991. Our law office has a fundamental obsession in Immigration law, with subordinate depiction in the degrees of: general law, criminal, improvement criminal, corporate, business, family law, probate and individual evil.

We focus on giving result organized relationship to the greater bit of our clients. We can direct even the most complex cases through our energy for a set up real counselor make. Endeavor not to dither to interface with us to get the honest to goodness draw in you to legitimize. We are engineered in South Florida, serving clients from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, Sunrise, Coral Springs, West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach and including spaces. A legal advisor can meet with you and discuss your most private issues in the security of our working environments. Our clients are basically known by their names and not by record numbers.

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