The Importance of Collagen Supplementation

The most abundant protein in our body is collagen. This type of protein is found in our skin, muscles, bones and tendons. This serves as ‘glue’ that keeps our bodies hold together. The collagen on our skin also gives it the elasticity and strength and helps in replacing dead cells on our skin as we grow.This only means that this type of protein far exceeds any other types of amino acids found in the body. However, there are several causes that may result to collagen depletion which include over stress, injury trauma, burns, infections, as well as other major illnesses and injuries including the natural process of aging.

Collagen Supplement

This is why for some, it is important to have collagen supplementation to prevent collagen depletion. Taking collagen supplements like collagen pure help restore the healthy levels of this type of protein to normal and slow down the process of aging. For people who have over trained and suffered from OTS or over training syndrome, collagen supplements help a lot in expediting muscle recovery from damage and injury.

Collagen supplements are widely available in the market to suit the specific needs and to identify which that best serves the needs of many. But it has to be considered that these supplements are not intended to take the place of our diet. Our bodies, being inadequate with natural nutrients, need to be supplied and sustained with these supplements. The inadequacy of active collagen is common but it can be corrected with the help of collagen supplements.

Having sufficient levels of collagen will make us realize what is needed for our life’s sustenance, and to enable us to provide the real needs of our bodies. These natural supplements, on the other hand, be they be natural or artificial, should not be considered as selective drugs meant to cure diseases. They exist and thus to be used only for enhancing our wellness and supplying us with the lacking nutrients that our usual food intake are insufficient of.More importantly, they are the sources of nutrients that our bodies need to have in orderto achieve and maintain healthy growth and proper well being.

With the help of collagen supplements, it can decrease continuous muscle catabolism which usually happens during exercise. Collagen also helps increase endurance because it can replenish glycogen during conditions wherein the glycogen levels are depleted.