How to Get on Google Maps- The process

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We all know that marketing trends keep on changing and the new wave is pointing towards the Google maps marketing. Everyone is able to see the importance of this strategy and they are pretty impressed with the results too. However, the next big question is how to get on the Google Maps? What process do they need to follow? Do they have to hire someone for the deed?

Here you can get the answer for all these questions. Initially you don’t have to hire anyone to do the deed but eventually maybe you have to. The initial process of getting on the maps is quite easy and is divided into few steps only. Here is the list of steps one needs to follow in order to get on the Google maps and start their journey of Google Maps marketing.

How to Get on Google Maps

  • Business Listing: The very first step to start the process is through getting yourself listed on the Google Maps. Fill the details of your business accurately on Google My Business listing. Mention all the details asked there without skipping any field. Claim your listing first, this step will be the stepping stone to mark your company’s presence on Google Maps.
  • Address:  Here we are talking about Maps so hopefully you understand that it is very important to share the exact address of the business to get a right one on the maps. Before completing the listing, make sure that the address is 100% correct without any discrepancies, be it on Goggle or other platforms.
  • Verification of the listing: The last step is to verify your listing which can be done through several ways. Some people believe that postcard submissions are the most dependable ones. This step can take few days or weeks to complete. In this step every option will offer you a 4- digit PIN which you have to submit at Google’s site.

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