How to Choose Best Schools in Bangalore

The tedious job of hunting for those best schools in Bangalore for your youngster in the region seems to have only got softer.You can nowadays discover a school in your neighborhood through School Finder, a mobile app, by applying the six-digit area pin code.  Visit the school website

If you imagine best schools in Bangalore may suit your child, go and watch it for yourself.Most schools hold clear days or evenings providing a good opportunity to look around, meet staff and have a look at children's work.Details of dates and times may be found in local papers or may be received directly from schools.

While you are there, post a question yourself:

●        How welcoming the school fees and whether you are impressed by the children's work on presentation

●        is the school well equipped? - Find out where pupils do sport and what IT facilities are usable

●        How your child will go to school?– Think about safe routes, transport and the duration of the journey

●        Whether the school receives a Parent Teacher Association - this may be able to render you more info

School prospectuses

Every post-primary school is asked to develop a prospectus.This brochure is planned to vary all that:

●        Offers details about the school and the training opportunities it can cater for your youngster

●        Holds info about the subject choices available at the school, public examination results, the numbers of applications received and the number of places awarded in past years

Course catalogs are normally published on schools' websites and are also available from schools for free if you need.You should get prospectuses from all the schools you are thinking by looking into their web sites or by contacting those schools right away.

When selecting a new school in Bangalore, make sure you understand the EA rules governing home to school transport, as some youngsters may be able to receive aid from the EA.  

Your child will just be able to get transport support when he/she:

●        Gives way to a shoal which is further than two knots from their place (three miles for post-primary schools) 

●        And has been unsuccessful in finding a seat at all schools of the same category within that two mile limit (three miles for post-primary schools)

The category of the new school in Bangalore, your child extends to also affects if your kid will be able to get home to school transport support.  

The grammar stream of a school recognized by the Department of Education as bi-lateral shall be processed as a grammar school and the secondary stream as a post primary (secondary) school when getting transport support.

Here are other factors to consider:

●        whether a school uses a system of streaming (placing children in classes based on their ability) and how this operates within the school

●        The scope of public exams taken at schools - for example GCSEs and success stories

●        schools’ policies related to uniform, discipline

●        School fees if relevant, and other excess costs for example, uniforms, sports equipment

●        The arrangement schools make to furnish support for students who are not capable to hold up with their class in specific fields.