How To Avoid Incompetent Family Law Attorneys?

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Getting in touch with an accomplished family law attorney in Eugene Oregon can seem to be a daunting task. You have to check his educational qualification, expertise, professionalism by in-person consultation and from online feedbacks and reviews from his past clients. While selecting a family lawyer you need to check his technical efficiency by assessing his capability of making available stalking orders in Oregon for his clients. In addition to all this, you have to take into account certain factors for avoiding a bad family law attorney.

Here are the aspects to be kept in mind to avoid hiring a bad attorney.

Avoid Attorneys in Eugene Oregon Who have Solicited You

It is basically not lawful for a family attorney, Eugene DUI attorney or lawyer from any area of specialization to contact you if you have not expressed any interest on your part. According to the ‘Legal Rules of Professional Conduct’, you should not entertain any lawyer who has approached you without your permission.

See to it the Lawyer Gives You Ample Time to Decide

Many attorneys can pressurize you into an agreement or fee you are unwilling to pay. An attorney should give you enough time to decide on an arrangement. If he is in a hurry and pressurizes you into an agreement you are not comfortable with or demands an exorbitant fee, it is best to avoid such an attorney.

Check Attorney’s Credentials and Background

It is advisable to check the credentials and background of the lawyer with the state or local bar association before hiring him. You can call up the ‘American Bar Association’ for verifying the information of the attorney. You could even go through the online reviews and feedbacks before hiring the attorney. You could find out whether the attorney at any point in his career been suspended for any misconduct or violating ethic. Ensure that no disciplinary actions have been taken against the attorney you hire.

Avoid Hiring an Unethical Attorney

Attorneys abide by strict ethical laws and professional code of conduct. Never hire a lawyer who compels you to do anything unethical or illegal. For instance, if a lawyer insists that you give incorrect or false information related to your income on child custody, do not hire such a lawyer. If an attorney promises a result, it is best to avoid him. In such cases, it is impossible to guarantee a result. Only an unethical lawyer can make such false promises to trap clients.

Avoid Hiring an Unethical Attorney with an Unprofessional Attitude

A professional lawyer would try his level best to represent your case in the court efficiently no matter what you are paying him. If he exhibits an unprofessional attitude of shaping the quality of case representation based on the amount he is being paid, he should not be hired for the job. For example, avoid a lawyer who assures you greater success only if you avail his platinum package. This only shows his unethical and unprofessional attitude.

These are the factors you have to keep in mind while looking for and deciding on a competent family law attorney.