A Guide to Young Drivers in UAE

According to the recent report by the traffic authorities in the UAE, young drivers caused the major number of road accidents in the past few years. The disturbing increase of road accidents caused by young drivers in the country indicates the fact that driving at a young age without the proper training and skills is seriously hazardous.  

Safety Tips for Young Drivers

It is imperative to understand that guiding the young adults about the right approach to drive safely is of ultimate importance in terms of road safety.  In the United Arab Emirates, traffic authorities as well as rent a car companies in UAE continue to arrange awareness campaigns to communicate the importance of safe driving. The following safety tips are not only for the UAE, but also in other parts of the world.

Avoid Using Mobile Phone while Driving

It has been reported that using phones while driving is the main cause that takes the attention of young drivers away from the road, which often leads to accidents. UAE cars for rent companies, including Eurostar Rental always remind young car renters that using a phone while driving is a serious offense in the UAE as it puts multiple lives at stake on the road.

Keep on Practicing Even After Obtaining Driving License

Acquiring a driving license doesn’t mean that you are now a pro driver. It is still necessary to improve your driving skills. Traffic authorities suggest that it is important to continue maintaining the focus while driving and never deter from familiarizing the road safety guidelines. Traffic authorities and rent a car companies in UAE believe that in this way, young drivers will be able to learn to stay patient while on the road.

Obey Traffic Signs

Following traffic signs is one of the most important rule in terms of road safety. It is because any irregularity in the flow can easily disrupt the whole flow of traffic. According to authorities, a major amount of road accidents happens because of simply not following traffic signs.

Make Sure to Use Indicators When Changing Lanes

The proper use of indicator is necessary for all drivers, especially for the young ones. The use of it will notify other drivers, which will ultimately help in moving safely between different lanes.

Wear Seat belts and Use the Safety Features in Your Car

Wearing seatbelt all the time is important to reduce the risk of a fatal road accident. Aside from seat belts, modern cars, which are available in UAE cars for rent companies like Eurostar Rental have safety features that must be practiced and understood to stay safe even in precarious situations. These safety features may include parking assist, adaptive cruise control, forward collision control and more.

It is true that being a young driver gives you some independence, but it also comes with a new set of responsibilities. However, Eurostar Rental believes that by practicing the above tips, young drivers will be able to manage the most common challenges for a new driver and lessen the possibility of road accidents.

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