Get Proficient In Computer Applications With An MCA From The AIMS Institutes!

Virtually every profession on this planet is now associated with the domain of Information Technology in some way or the other. The power of computing is rapidly changing people’s lives at a pace that has hitherto been unheard of. As a direct impact of this technological growth, expansion and development - more and more employment opportunities are being created by the day in the area of computer fundamentals and applications. In order to enable students to make the most of these aforementioned opportunities, AIMS Institutes launched their own Master of Computer Application (MCA) pro-gramme. Here are a few reasons as to why you too deserve an MCA degree from the AIMS Institutes, possibly the very best MCA college in Bangalore !


Established in 1994, AIMS Institutes excels at imparting high-quality education that expands students’ horizons and transforms them into outstanding achievers. NAAC Accredited with a score of 3.46 (out of 4); the institute has been ranked as the 18th best B-School in the country by none other than the Business world magazine. The institutes's founders strongly believe in integrating cutting-edge technology and academics to create an advanced holistic learning environment wherein students can easily learn, excel and prosper.


Learning MCA At The AIMS Institutes:

The Master of Computer Application (MCA) degree pro-gramme at the AIMS Institutes has been designed for students looking to pursue flourishing careers in the domain of Information Technology. The 3-year, AICTE-approved pro-gramme was essentially established in the year 1997 to transform students into thoroughbred IT professionals. With an optimum intake of 60 students, the Bangalore University affiliated programme helps students build a solid foundation in Information Technology fundamentals by combining the many varied benefits of theoretical education and practical learning. The pro-gramme incorporates a plethora of learning modules such as Technical Augmentation Pro-grammes (for SAP, Visual Studio – Dot Net, J2EE and Hardware & Networking) and Non-technical Augmentation Pro-grammes (for Pre-placement Training, Soft-skill Enhancement, English Fluency Development and Quantitative Technique Fundamentals). Overall, the course is recommended for all students looking to build a bright career in the thriving IT industry.


We hope you enjoyed this quick overview of the MCA pro-gramme at the AIMS Institutes. We would also recommend that you go check out their Executive MBA pro-gramme – one of the very best ways to pursue an Executive MBA in Bangalore – if you wish to build a fantastic career in business management while continuing with your present job!


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