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Find best solutions with features filled in two way radio models that is perfect for every lifestyle and activity. The leading reseller carries Hytera, Kenwood, Icom and many other wide selection models being designed to provide a dependable and affordable communication.

Are you searching for high-quality and affordable Digital Two Way Radios? Or you are planning to upgrade the existing communication system of your car and seeking out best and state-of-the-art GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems or for bespoke Two Way Radio Hire    which can go well with your budget and requirement both? No matter what you are looking for; Maximon Solutions Ltd can be your one-stop solution.

Maximon Solutions Ltd at a Glance

Being a global leader in manufacturing and supplying high-end communication systems like Two-Way Radio Systems, GPS Vehicle Tracking System, and Hytera Radios; we at Maximon Solutions Ltd have set a new benchmark in the industry. We program, design, manufacture, and supply high-end, state-of-the-art, and innovative communication systems and solutions to meet the varied requirements of customer globally.

Since more than decades; we have been manufacturing and supplying two way radio communications solutions and GPS Vehicle Tracking systems across the global business spectrum. All of our products and devices are designed with the integration of modern technology and the fastest-moving world of today’s corporate world. For us, safety has always been the utmost priority and thus, all of our two way radio systems and GPS Vehicle Tracking devices are designed to ensure complete safety and welfare of the users.

Services We Offer at Maximon Solutions Ltd

  • Design: Our Company is backed by hundreds of well-trained and experts who can design and develop bespoke radio systems and GPS tracking systems which can meet all your requirements
  • Installation: We also take complete care of proper installation of the radio systems, examination and certification of their operations and coverage capacity
  • Maintenance: We have a subservient and efficient workforce of experts who are ever-ready to deliver you the most cost-saving servicing, maintenance, and repair services
  • 24/7 Assistance: We provide prompt, professional, and specialized 24/7 support and assistance to customers including free telephonic training and helpline

Why Choose Us?

  • We, at Maximon Solutions Ltd, are deeply committed and dedicated to delivering prompt and efficient technical support, superfast response repairs, as well as high-class maintenance and repair services, all of which are accredited by the highest level of international quality standard.
  • As the most leading and established supplier and manufacturer of UK, we have an extensive client base who have complete trust on us and come back on year after year to purchase the most high-tech and advanced Radio communication systems at the best prices from us.
  • The equipment we manufacture and supply are 100% quality assured, internationally certified, proven, resilient, ultra-durable, highly affordable, and easy to use. They come with 100% guarantee and warranty and you are assured to get best quality services with our systems.
  • Our expert and professional staffs are always available on both telephonic lines as well as physically for assisting you to sort any kind of issues and glitches out. No matter, which kind of problem you are facing with your communication system; be it in the installation process or regular applications; we can troubleshoot it.

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