Fresher Jobs At College Campuses Through Hiremee Skills Assessment Test

If you are a student or a fresher just out of college, and are wondering about campus recruitment, this one’s for you. A web portal and mobile app will help you connect with recruiters on a pioneering online recruitment platform. All you have to do is to take an online skills assessment test on the platform/app Hiremee, and see how many job openings for freshers there are!

Tapping the talent pool

The aim of this online platform is to ensure that the vast talent pool across the country is tapped into; many a times, recruiters don’t have the resources or the drive to provide an opportunity for someone in a smaller city. So, a hugely gifted student in a lesser known campus may lose out on the right job for him/her. Similarly, a company may lose out on the perfect candidate for a certain role. An online skills assessmenttest will ensure that recruiters and aspirants get an opportunity to find the right fit. This test will open up many job openings for freshers without recruiters having to spend huge amounts of time, money or energy on a job hiring drive.

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