Five Things To Know Before Hiring Freelance Web Designers in Chicago

Having a functional website is not enough. Your website should have a professional design that delivers clear message to your customers. To get more customer conversions, you need a great looking website where people can connect with your brand.

To create a great looking website, you need the best freelance web designers in Chicago experienced in translating your vision into an attractive design that attracts customers. Before you take the plunge to hire a web designer, keep these five tips in mind:

1.  Determine Your Business Goals

It is important to know what you want to accomplish through your website or brand. Do you want more readers/followers/customers? Are you trying to reach a high-end audience? Are you trying to drive customers to your retail stores? This is important because if the web designer understands your business goals, he/she will be able to structure the website to achieve that. Remember, goals drive everything.

2.  Know Your Ideal Customer

It is impossible for even the best freelance web designer in Chicago to create a successful website or a brand without knowing what you believe and who your target customers are. Web designers are not mind readers so you need to clarify these things before the selected designer starts working on the project.

If your web designer does not know who your ideal customers are, they are more likely to make costly mistakes. For example, they would design a website for retail buyers when you want the website to be used for sale and distribution networks. The web designer might also end up making your website look young when your customers are elderly and conservative.

Remember, design mistakes and rework might cost you thousands of dollars and hence you need to do your homework before hiring web designers.

3.  Have a Realistic Timeline and Budget

Before you hire a web designer, take some time to look at the calendar and budget. Don’t expect the web designer to build an elaborate website in one or two weeks for $1000.

Having a realistic and visual timeline will help you communicate milestones and also mention tasks that are important for a successful website. Without a proper timeline, it would be difficult for you to keep a track of the progress.

4.  Identify Your Inspiration Brand

Don’t forget to mention your like and dislikes. If you are a fan of a particular brand, make a note of it. This will give the web designer clear understanding of your expectations and personal style.

5.  Collect Material for Your Design Project

Pull together photos, designs and copywriting needed for the project. You can create a folder and save it to Google Drive and share that folder with the web designer you choose. This will save web designer’s precious time as they would not be required to hunt the content for you.

The knowledge about the things mentioned above will lay a foundation for a dynamic relationship with the freelance web designer in Chicago you select.

Have you worked with a web designer before? Please feel free to share your experience or comment.


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