Features Of Study Loans

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The number of students applying for higher education has increased substantially in the past few years. A lot of students applying for higher education in foreign countries have also increased in the last few years.  There is an increase in the percentage of students opting for higher studies in foreign countries due to the easy finance option of overseas education loans provided by the banking and non-banking financial institutions. These banks and the NBFCs have customized the loan as per the needs of the students.

There is a difference between the overseas study loan and the Indian education loan because of the requirements needed to complete the course. Lenders have pre-approved courses and these non-banking financial institutions sanction loan the basis of the institutions and the credit rating of the guarantor.

But generally when you think of opting for an overseas study loan keep these things in mind:

·         If the loan amount is between 4-7.5 lakh third party guarantor is required. If the loan amount exceeds 7.5 lakh then a collateral security of the same amount is required.

·         The repayment of the loan commences after 6-12 months of the completion of the course.

·         Different lenders have different loan criteria for the amount to be sanctioned, the interest charged on the overseas study loan and the tenure of the repayment also the mode of the repayment of the study loan.

·         Keep in the mind and check the expenses that are covered in the loan amount. Like the library fees, costs of books, equipment, instruments, caution money, deposit. Some study loans also include traveling charges, living expenses and even pocket money to an extent.

·         When you opt for overseas study loan, keep in mind that it is always better to go for grants, scholarships which are given by the government or else by the institution. Also you can take up a job which will help you support your education as the standard of living is high and expensive in the foreign countries as compared to India.

·         Start resorting to a sedentary lifestyle so that you don’t feel burdened by the loan. You can cut down on unwanted expenses.

·         There must be a co applicant. The co applicant can be family, spouse or sibling.

·         Keep all the documents that are required handy this will help in not creating a confusion at the last moment.

·         Go for education counseling to avoid bombardment of the options this will help you in keeping a fixed goal. The non-banking financial institutions also provide proper guidance and counseling to the students who have specially applied for Overseas Study Loan.

Always keep in mind that you should compare these loans offered by various banks and the non banking financial institutions online so that you avail for the option which best suits your needs. Go for a loan which provides good loan amount with lower interest rates and provides flexibility in the repayment options of the study loan. This student loan can help you build a good credit rating if you pay the EMIs on time which will help you avail for a loan in future.