Everything You Should Know About Motivational Speakers/ Public Speakers:

A motivational speaker is someone who offers public speaking as a way to inspire an audience and transform the audience's thought process. They target their speeches and sessions to a particular group of people, for example- youth, women or men, entrepreneurs, etc., depending on the groups’ purpose or needs. Motivational speakers or public speakers can work as part of an organization or under their own personal branding.

Motivational speaking is a sub category of public speaking, which involves informing, persuading and entertaining a group of people. Motivational speakers, unlike other speakers, require a lot of experience and practice to excel in accomplishing the ultimate goal of motivating an entire audience to action.

Traits of Motivational Speakers/ Public Speakers:

1. Awareness: about the audience, the agenda and their own life experiences and knowledge base

2. Boldness and confidence when speaking and practicing keeping any nervousness under control

3. Perceptiveness: They pay close attention to body language. They are keenly aware of what their body language is saying and the impact their voice and body movements have on the audience. They are also attuned to what others are saying through other people’s body language.

4. Uniqueness: They can make their audience feel that they are unique and that the message is reaching them directly and individually, even if there are thousands in the audience.

5. Strategy: They strategize their speeches in order to best help the audience in the best way possible.

6. Social: They mingle with the audience and can adapt their talk, examples or attitude as per the mood and needs of the audience.

7. Directness: Public speakers use basic words so that it's simple for the audience to understand them, no matter what the level of education or English speaking levels.

8. Personal touch: Most speakers reveal their own vulnerabilities and past hardships, which helps the audience to feel more connected to them.

9. The personality of the public speaker also has an important role to play. A trained speaker who is in his/her 50s, for example, would know how to speak to an audience of teens and still get the message across.

 Where Is There A Need For Motivational Speakers/ Public Speakers?

These days it has become commonplace for organizations to hire Motivational Speakers. Corporations typically prefer to hire professional public speakers who have expertise in their area of business as the speaker can then better relate to the staff and deliver a more relevant talk. Motivational speakers also deliver talks to schools to help students in various educational streams become more motivated about their future goals. Public Speakers can also deliver talks related to important causes, such as to influence an audience to take positive actions towards reducing climate change.