Employee Outsourcing Part - I

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At Leasafric Logistics, Our priority is the application of Human Resource Capital through personnel outsourcing providing solutions to the human resource needs of organizations. Our service provision allows our clients harness the potential and abundance inherent in our service delivery. Our clients are able to focus on core their business while we handle the intricacies of personnel management.


The competitive and challenging marketplace enlists the need for ready to use talent to keep up with the ever changing market trends. Our Human Resource Management Solution addresses these challenges providing the competitive and cost efficient edge needed to keep ahead of competition.


The core of Leasafric Logistics is the operation of Human Resource outsourcing; our process focuses on the provision of credible, professional, efficient and effective Human Capital to organizations in various sectors of the economy. We give clients their monies worth.


Our practicable personnel evaluation process takes into cognizance all aspects of Personnel Evaluation providing a holistic picture of the organization’s targets enabling a ripple effect on units/departments of the organization. 


Hertz Corporation, the world’s #1 Car Rental Company expanded its operations into Ghana through a franchise with LEASAFRIC GHANA LTD. Pioneered in 1918, Hertz is currently represented in over 176 countries, operating a fleet of over 550,000 vehicles from 6,300 locations. Its decision to expand into Ghana re-affirms its avowed intent to operate globally in all major markets. We also maintain an International relationship with other Hertz locations worldwide and have across the border relationship with neighboring countries. Our team provides excellent service to our clients comparable to what you will receive from a Hertz brand anywhere in the world.


Airport transfers for guests coming into and going out of Ghana

Pick up/drop off services

Car rental on short term basis from one day to one year

Cross border Rental services

Airport Meet and Greet including Airside and VVIP

****** services


LEASAFRIC GHANA LIMITED was incorporated in March 1992 and commenced business in April 1994. The Bank of Ghana subsequently licensed it in August 1994 as a non-bank financial institution to carry out the business of finance leasing as its principal business. Leasafric has since then been running an Asset Finance business using the technique of finance leasing.

The company was founded by a Ghanaian entrepreneur who pulled together a team of investors comprising a venture fund, two local banks, an insurance company and three other individuals to provide the start-up equity. The founder, Mr. Seth K. Dei initially held 15% of the shares and was for eleven years the Chief Executive of the company before retiring in March 2005.

The shareholding of the company has evolved over the years. Ghana Venture Capital Fund, which initially held 20% of the shares came to term and sold out in August 2003. In December 2004, another investment fund Aureos West Africa Fund bought into the company to take a 51.28% stake, pushing the founding shareholders into minority position. Some shareholders exercised their share warrants in September, 2006 which brought the Aureos holding to 48.06.

In August 2007, Aureos West Africa Fund and Ecobank Ghana Limited, holding between them 59.05% shares, sold their shares to C & I Leasing Plc, Nigeria. Aureos West Africa Fund subsequently bought out other shareholders totalling 17.58%.  Aureos West Africa Fund sold their shares of 17.58% to C & I Leasing Plc in March 2012.   In June 2014 West Africa Emerging Markets Growth Fund bought shares.

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