Economics: The Real Picture of Society

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Economics is one of the most important subjects in Class 11. It is based on the studies how the society uses the limited resources to produce regular commodities and distribute them among the people. The particular subject is associated with a number of ideas such as necessity of dealing with the scarcity of the resources, ways to utilize them properly, etc.

The NCERT Class XI Economics Chapter 4 is associated with the concept of poverty. This particular chapter has the following objectives:

·         To understand the various attributes of the poverty

·         To expand the diverse dimensions associated with the concept of poverty.

·         It has critically appreciated the way by which the poverty is estimated.

·         It has appreciated and assessed the existing poverty alleviation programs.

It discusses the burning picture of the society, which is quite easy to relate every topic with the surroundings. For instance, there is a huge economic gap between the rich and poor. Poor people struggle for their basic needs on a regular basis. Sometimes, they can’t even afford a place under which they can take a shelter. Another topic of concern is malnutrition, which is common matter among the poor. A very beautiful short story is given in this chapter that implies how the poor children are deprived of their basic education and their dreams only due to insufficient family income. But, various policies and programs have been taken for which the overall scenario is changing slowly. The chapter is divided into the following categories:

·         Introduction

·         Who are the poor?

·         How are poor people identified?

·         Categorizing poverty

·         The poverty line

·         The number of poor in India

·         What causes poverty?

·         Policies and programmes towards poverty alleviation

·         Poverty alleviation programmes- A critical assessment

·         Conclusion

The chapter is also associated with the ‘Work These Out’ section, various exercise questions, suggested additional activities that will help the students to clear their learned concepts. The cbse class 11 economics chapter 4 is an important chapter that has shown the real social scenario in a vivid picture. You can prepare your economics subject by considering the following tips:

·         At first, collect your prescribed syllabus. ****yze the question pattern, question structure, and the previous year questions.

·         Now, start from the very first chapter. You have to understand the basic and underlying concepts of every chapter. All the chapters are associated with different concepts and you should move on the next chapter only after completing the current one.

·         Every chapter is associated with the exercise questions. Start solving them one by one. Ask your teacher if you get stuck anywhere. Follow your class properly.

·         Note down the important points of every chapter. The questions can come from anywhere, so you should read thoroughly each and every line of your textbook.

·         After completing the chapters, now start solving the previous year question papers one by one.

·         If possible, appear for some mock tests as it will improve your preparation level and time-management.

Economics is a very interesting subject as we can relate it to our surrounding society. So, after reading a concept, always try to relate the scenario with your own surrounding society. If you learn every prescribed topic properly, then you will surely get a good score in this subject.