Easy Steps to Choosing Timber Flooring

Whether designing or renovating your home, you will eventually come to that pivotal point in the design stage when you need to choose your flooring options. With different options available, it is essential to know which the right choice is for you.

One of the most fabulous choices you can make as your home remedy is to install timber floor. There are many choices to choose from ranging from concrete to tiles, carpet, nylon laminates and terrazzo but timber remain to be a choice that stands out among the rest.

Here are six essential steps that will help you in choosing the right timber floor for your home.

1. List All Your Requirements

It is important that you list all the requirements you need. Most people prefer quiet, acoustic or soundproof rooms that are warm, gentle and durable, especially on babies' knees. Consultation and guide from an expert will help you in maintaining the best fitting for your home. One of the most common timbers used for flooring is the Monaghan which is warm, gentle and presents a noble appearance which offers a comfortable log cabin feel.

2. Durability

When comparing your different options, it's necessary to consider room traffic and wood durability. Always be careful when opting for nonmarking wood. Bamboo, composite products, red ironbark timber and tallow wood, stand out and are the best choice for areas with high traffic like the living room, and those prone to scratches.

3. Match the Floor

It is essential to choose a color, type, and pattern that will match well with your room furnishing, fabrics, and accessories. Some of the favorite designs are darker colors for traditional settings, lighter colors for casual settings and red oak timber flooring that complements all styles and decorations.

4. Maintenance

Ensure you understand the wood regime while selecting one. It is vital to always opt for a product that you can maintain. Wood flooring still helps in protecting the surface from heavy wear, tear and moisture and easy while cleaning.

5. Do a Research

When narrowing your options to find the best product, it is essential to know the different timber flooring options on the market.

  1. Cork - This is one of the underestimated products, but it sees resurgence in the modern architecture. It is warm and soft and a perfect choice for families with small children.
  2. Solid timber - This product varies in price and quality. Remember, the more full the board, the more expensive the wood will be.
  3. Timber laminate - This product stands out because of its outstanding quality and durable laminates. It offers a beautiful broad look at reasonable pricing.
  4. Recycled timber - Never underestimate this option as it is more expensive than new timber depending on the age and width of planks.
  5. Timber composite - This is a perfect suit for a modern home. The product is excellent in high traffic areas in commercial and residential situations.
  6. Cost Comparison

After listing your choices, it is essential to compare the costs. Opt for the material that is more affordable and the one that meets your requirements and budget needs. However, timber floors can be quite expensive.

Timber flooring NZ is one of the best as you will enjoy fashionability, comfortability and beautiful flooring for life that suit your life.

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