Courier Softwares 6.0 – Biggest Revolution to Logistic World by Eagle Technosys

Courier Software 6.0 is a multi-solution provider, parcel delivery management solution that comes ready to plug into your existing carrier accounts directly. Courier’s intelligent multi-solution provider integration means that the most appropriate delivery service is selected for any given order. Selecting the best carrier for each order can be time-consuming and integrating with each courier’s own software can be costly. Courier Softwares 6.0 integrates with many major carriers, which means you don't have to. It provides better delivery and courier management for both parcel aggregators and delivery resellers, and is adaptive to most business case scenarios. It is the ever-best platform for Parcel Delivery Solutions for companies who need logistic movers to deliver their products from one region to another. Courier Softwares 6.0 has been designed to work with as many international and domestic e-business companies as possible.

It works with almost all international and domestic companies. It also takes orders from individuals from any region of the world. You can also print the receipt of order booking and shipment tracking by using courier softwares 6.0.

Courier’s intelligent routing rules will select the most appropriate carrier and service based on customer requirements, order types and parcel specifications, making sure that there are no delays or parcel buildups in a busy warehouse environment. Custom functionality based on high-volume requirements can be developed, all backed up with its solid and knowledgeable tech support team.

In case of lost parcels or missed deliveries it assures you about 100% cash back. Customer enquiries are handled by admin and responded in few minutes. You can track your shipment online in a few minutes by using your shipment details. It offers you all services you need to run your delivery aggregation service. It provides multiple services. You can select your desired services and set your invoices for each service.

Admin have full control on delivery services and other working on both frontend and backend. It is also responsible for your information security. Full security is provided to customers details. For your satisfaction you can also check live demos available for 24 hours free of cost. You can also check feedback box and discuss your ideas and thoughts with other people in the discussion box.

Courier Softwares 6.0 also offers business offers to people who are looking to start their own business or want partnership plans. You can start your business with Courier Softwares 6.0 at very cheap prices. There is no need of programming knowledge to use it. But a little knowledge is required to run an international business. Eagle Technosys is always here to help and support you. It will give you all the possible techniques to run a business.

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