The Contemporary Streetwear You Need To Acquire This Summer

For many people including fashionista, the term ‘streetwear’ is new to them. The term streetwear is defined differently by different people but it basically refers to unique street fashion which has its roots in surf & skate culture but has nowadays grown wider to include the hip-hop fashion. The modern streetwear is mostly characterized by sneakers, baseball caps, t-shirts, jeans and other casual and comfortable pieces.

Many people believe that streetwear is easy. However, the day you will be presented with high-end contemporary streetwear you will believe that street-level dressing is not just about trainers, hoodie, T-shirt and jeans. Considering the many fashion designers who are taking a cue from streetwear culture at the moment, from Givenchy Riccardo Tisci’s output to Virgil Abloh’s Off-White, all the way to all luxury players pushing their takes on the iconic sneaker designs within the past few seasons.

Honestly speaking, the truth of the moment is that putting together and developing strong outfit whether it is streetwear or not, requires smart judgment combined with proper thought selection of staples which you can then develop and build upon as the wardrobe also grows.


The following are important signposts in order to get started on the path of streetwear.


On Fabrics:

Although there are many hip hop outfits materials, cotton still reigns supreme. You will be looking for the classic cotton textiles such as twill, chambray, Oxford cloth, jersey, etc. seersucker and such similar decorative fabrics are also good but they are mostly used in menswear than in streetwear.


On shape:

The traditional streetwear is characterized by beanies, baggy shirts and chinos which are slightly loose fitting. However, the modern fashion is more contemporary and includes dropped crotches and long line cuts.



As stated earlier, the term streetwear is defined variously, and all the definitions are very valid. However, after making your choice, just ensure you faithfully stick to it. The mixing of styles may emerge the winning combo but not in all cases since the street Goth short may not work well with Wallabies.

As someone aptly put it, street culture is not just about clothing but also about culture. This is the reason why many dress styles, shoes and designs re perfectly streetwear in various locations across the world