Car Recycling Statistics And Facts In Auto Wreckers Oshawa

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Cars, long the bane of environmentalists, are becoming more earth-friendly. Finally, there is enough of a business case for big car companies to start building electric vehicles, hybrids, and, in the future, fuel cell-powered cars. It looks like the industry might gain some green cred. Auto Wreckers Oshawa has followed the eco-friendly recycling process.Here they have to share their recycling process and benefits.   How To Auto Wreckers Oshawa Dispose Auto Waste:   1.Waste oil recovery   We are proud to be the largest waste oil collector in GTA. Your waste oil will be collected and reprocessed into premium-grade lubricant base stock which can then be used in the creation of transmission fluids, engine oils, hydraulic oils and much more. Every litter we recycle is a liter saved for the future.   2.Parts washers, and workshop products and services   Our range of parts washers (sinks and turbo-washers), receptacles, spill kits, rags, absorbents, and cleaners will help your workshop to not only be a cleaner, safer place, but also more efficient. We can help you create a workshop that minimizes the impact on the environment and assist you to manage your Environmental Protection obligations by collecting used filters and rags and providing you with correctly labeled waste receptacles. We also collect brake fluid, glycol/coolant, waste water, empty drums and parts cleaning solvents.   3.Liquid waste recovery   We can help you to maintain everyday facilities such as triple interceptors, bunds and grease traps. We clean, collect and transport the associated waste streams when it’s convenient for you.   General waste and recycling   4.To ensure your work environment is clutter free, we collect and process all of your recycling, general and packaging waste including polystyrene, cardboard boxes and stretch film. A full range of bins and receptacles are available to meet your needs.   5.High-pressure cleaning   We have a comprehensive range of industrial cleaning services to meet the specific requirements of any industrial application you may need. Drawing on our expansive industry knowledge and a diverse range of specialist equipment, we can handle high-pressure water blasting and ultra high-pressure jet rodding jobs of any size.   6.24-hour emergency spills response   For hazardous and no hazardous spills, from a minor fuel leak to a large scale environmental emergency, on land or in a waterway, we will manage the whole response process for you; from containment to clean up, collection, processing, and disposal. We have the in-house skills and experience plus access to Canada’s largest range of emergency response vehicles, plant, and equipment. The fastest possible response to spills means that negative impact to the environment, community and reputation is minimized. Services provided comply with relevant environmental protection obligations, from clean-up through to waste transport and ultimate disposal.     Finally, you are clearly understood our process.So you have an idea to sell your old cars, Let's start to quote your car on our website. We serve Toronto & all the GTA. We pick up any car any condition anywhere & at any Time. We are fast & reliable.Call Auto Wreckers Oshawa for scrap car removal services today at (647-704-8500).