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At the point when Congress in its immense astuteness marked on with the Bush Medicare Drug Plan, it basically advised all Americans to open a vein each time we remain at the drugstore money enlist.

Congress set no top, no roof on what pharmaceutical buy actavis online  producers can charge us for drugs. Today, you may at last see exactly how profoundly, gravely and altogether we are being harmed by that illegitimate arrangement.

Accompany me now to the tranquil village of Somewhere, Alabama. A lady has needed to pay $120 for a small container of drops for glaucoma. The medication, named Lumigan, is made by the pharmaceutical goliath Allergan ( similar individuals who brought you Botox, their billion-dollar infant).

buy actavis online:

This lady found that, far away, in the serene village of Somewhere, India, a similar jug of drops made by Allergan could be purchased for a division. Gracious, beyond any doubt, at first she was suspicious. She had heard every one of the notices from tranquilize producers about shoddy thump offs containing kitty litter, sold by deceitful nonnatives.

The story had an upbeat completion for the lady in Alabama. It couldn't be any more obvious, it worked out that the corrupt varmints, from the start, were household, not outside. She went on the web and purchased a container of genuine Lumigan drops made by Allergan. On the bundle was this, in modest print: "Available to be purchased Only in India. Cost not to surpass Rupees 412." (Equivalent to $8.55 U.S.)

Dear shoppers, the Indian government has put a CAP, a CEILING, on the cost of the glaucoma drops.

Consider that for a minute. Enormous Pharm kicked and shouted and influenced and charmed Congress while severing their articles of clothing with cries of, "Value tops will put a conclusion to inquire about."

At the same time, in any case, these medication creators were consenting to value tops in India and Canada.

Just we poor, suckered Americans are paying the full sticker cost for solutions.

The Lumigan drops for glaucoma, made in the USA and obtained online from India by the lady in Alabama are indistinguishable to those sold in the USA. With delivery costs, the last cost was around $30 - a long ways from $120.

There is no explanation behind us to open our veins at the buy actavis online  money enroll each time we go to CVS or Walgreen's or Rite Aid. The way that different governments arrange moderate solution for their kin while our own does not is criminal, in my view. We have monstrous joblessness now; we have huge noninsured populaces now; we are as destitute as any underdeveloped country for obligation alleviation.

By one means or another, we have to get the message to Congress: Do the correct thing.

Renegotiate with the pharmaceutical monsters in the interest of rational therapeutic expenses - and on our benefit when we are at our generally defenseless.

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