Brijmohan Agrawal-Politician of Chhattisgarh

Shri Brijmohan Agrawal needs something besides introduction! He`s the most celebrated face of political changes and political knowledge in the territory of Chhattisgarh....

In the midst of a progressing column over the Mahanadi stream with Odisha, Politician of Chhattisgarh Brijmohan Agrawal on Sunday attested his State will proceed with the undertakings affirmed by the Central Water Commission (CWC) on the waterway.

"The continuous tasks, endorsed by the CWC on theMahanadi stream (in Chhattisgarh), won't be halted," Mr. Agrawal told PTI.

Quite, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik as of late wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi communicating his worry over structures and proposed water system extends over the Mahanadi in Chhattisgarh and asked for the Center's mediation into it.

On July 29, amid a meeting of the CWC in Delhi, Chhattisgarh Chief Secretary Vivek Dhand had given the State's endorsement on constituting a joint board to talk about issues identified with the Mahanadi and its tributaries between the two States.

Be that as it may, Odhisha Chief Secretary A. P .Padhi had said that a choice in such manner will be taken subsequent to talking about the issue with Mr. Patnaik.

According to an assention between then Chief Minister of the past unified State of Madhya Pradesh Arjun Singh and afterward Odisha Chief Minister G.B. Patnaik in April, 1983, a joint control board to determine the issues between the two States identified with the Mahanadi was to be constituted. It has not been done as such far, Best Minister in Chhattisgarh Mr. Agrawal said.

"Chhattisgarh Politics had given its assent for the development of joint board amid the current meeting in Delhi and now it's upon Odisha to take assist choice," said the Minister.

The catchment territory of Mahanadi up to the Hirakund dam is 82,432 sq km, of which 71,424 sq km lies in Chhattisgarh, which is 86 for each penny of the aggregate catchment.

Normal inflow of the Mahanadi at Hirakund dam is 40,773 MCM, of which 35,308 MCM is contributed by Chhattisgarh.

Display use of water by Chhattisgarh is almost 9,000 MCM, which is just 25 for each penny of the accessible water in the Mahanadi up to the Hirakund dam, he said.

The structures are being made on the waterway to save the rain water in the Mahanadi for its appropriate use by individuals especially agriculturists, Mr. Agrawal included.

As per the Minister, the issue is being politicized by the Odisha government.

"The State has dependably submitted to the between State stream water sharing standards and has utilized constrained the Mahanadi water without harming Odisha's advantage. The continuous undertakings on the stream by Chhattisgarh would not influence the enthusiasm of individuals of neighboring state", he focused. PTI

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