Breathing Trouble? Get Lab Tests To Confirm Asthma

The lungs have airways that take the air in and out of the lungs. When these airways that help in the respiration process get swollen and inflamed it leads to a respiratory condition called asthma. Asthma is a chronic condition that may be a result of recurrent or long lasting breathing difficulty episodes.

In this condition the walls of the airways remain inflamed and swollen most of the time, because of an allergic reaction to some allergen. This causes an allergic reaction and the airways become extremely irritable. The person falls a prey to an allergic reaction frequently. The space in the airways becomes very small because of the inflammation and sticky-thick mucus starts to build up inside. The air has to enter through this small hole to go into the lungs for breathing process. When the air is released from this narrowed airway, it makes a whistle cum hissing sound that the medical fraternity terms as a wheeze. The amount of carbon dioxide that should leave the body does not leave it, and some amount of it remains inside, causing the toxic wastes to build up and harm the body.

Along with this the patient also complains of a strange stiffness or tightness in the chest region. Breathing problems and a constant racking cough leaves the person in great discomfort. The symptoms flare up astronomically during early mornings and nights. Weather conditions like acute chilly winds and excessive humidity may also trigger an asthma attack. Asthmatics need to be especially careful during the pollen and smoky seasons because this causes asthma symptoms to get triggered.

Stress and excessive exercising can also be the reason for an asthma attack. Mild exercising like swimming and jogging can inflate the lungs and help prevent asthma attacks. To keep mucus levels and asthma attacks under control the person can take baba ramdev asthma medicine. The herbal extracts in these medicines are very helpful in treating asthma and they do this in a natural manner.

There are nearly one million asthma cases declared annually in India and many of them have no idea that asthma is a treatable disease, and all they have to do is reach the emergency room on time. Do not waste time if your cough has a resounding sound. Get the necessary lab tests, x-rays and imaging done for a proper prognosis. The earlier the treatment starts the better is the treatment. The asthma symptoms that show up can be suppressed by bronchodilators and anti allergic therapies, though there is a long term maintenance program that is advised to keep asthma flare-ups from happening.

People may complain of this autoimmune disorder for years and years. The daily chores may become difficult and some moments may be life-threatening too, but asthmatics can lead normal lives if the flare ups are controlled. Keep an inhaler handy or take baba ramdev asthma medicine to keep the immune system boosted up.

The disease may be incurable but the attacks can definitely be prevented with good management and proper treatment. The homes of the asthmatics need to be kept free of all kinds of allergens so that the body does not react in a negative manner.