Benefits of Aloe Vera for Face


We’ve all known that aloe vera is beneficial for the skin. In fact, most of us even have an aloe vera plant at home or a jar of it in our beauty kits. But do you actually know that this wonder plant can benefit your skin care routine as well as the health of your hair? Here’s a full list of the benefits of aloe vera … 

Whether its rashes, insect bites or irritated skin, aloe vera is an anti-allergen that can be used directly on the affected area. Given the fact that it’s 100% natural, it suits even those with sensitive skin who might suffer from redness post a waxing session. 

One of the biggest benefits of aloe vera for the face is that it is massively hydrating in nature and hence suited for those with dry skin. It supplies the skin with an added amount of water content, leaving it looking supple and nourished. But, given the fact that it hydrates the skin without leaving a sticky residue behind (unlike most moisturisers) makes it a popular ingredient in the skin care routines of those suffering from oily skin as well. 

If you’ve been spending too much time at the beach or under the sun, you probably suffer from a bad case of sunburn and sun tan. Instead of resorting to heavy exfoliation repeatedly that might damage your skin, opt for the benefits of aloe vera instead. Slather it on the affected area and allow it to sit there for a few hours. The gel hydrated the cells in the dermis, gives parched skin a boost of moisture and helps skin cells regenerate quicker, speeding up the tan removal process. 

Aloe vera makes for an excellent remedy when it comes to acne skincare as well. Few people know this but aloe vera gel actually contains auxin and gibberellins, which are two hormones that are packed to the brim with anti-inflammatory properties. These in turn help to treat bacteria that might be lurking on the surface of pimples and zits. That’s why a topical application of aloe vera is said to be beneficial for acne-prone skin. In addition, its cooling properties also help to calm down agitated skin. So add it to your skincare routine today!  

If you’re worried about ageing getting the better of you, turn to the benefits of aloe vera. Since its rich in Vitamin A and E, both of which are essential when it comes to helping the skin produce collagen and help it retain its elasticity for a longer duration. This also implies that it helps to fight wrinkles as well as fine lines.  To reap these benefits of aloe vera for skin, you can either use it topically on a regular basis or even consume it as a juice. 

Apart from its obvious benefits for the skin, don’t disregard aloe vera’s benefits for hair. When applied on the scalp, it helps get rid of dead skin cells, making it an ideal choice for those suffering from scalp infections and dandruff. You can also mix it with the essential oil of your choice and use it on the lengths of your hair to help increase the pH level of the hair strands and being a natural humectant, it gives them a big boost of moisturisation—ideal for those who have been dealing with a bad case of dry hair.