Ariza Talent: A Big Name in the World of Acting and Modeling

The Ariza Talent and Modeling Agency is a Longwood-based company that was founded by Jeff Callender in 1986. The agency was set up to train budding professionals who desired to take up the career of a model. Jeff began his career in 1971 as a model. He worked in collaboration with the esteemed New York Times, Fashion Illustrator in Manning.’ He was lauded as a talented model throughout his career and displayed his modeling skills in grand shows organized in the major cities of London, Istanbul, Milan, and Paris.   The professionals of this agency strive hard to showcase their talent and that is visible in various movies like Contact and The Waterboy, True Lies, and many TV shows, such as Miami Vice, The Walking Dead, as well as the Family Matters. The state of Florida has approved the license of the Ariza Talent agency and is in accordance with Central Florida’s Better Business Bureau.   The best thing about the agency is that it does not take into consideration factors like weight and height in choosing budding talents. The selection is totally based on the acting prowess of the candidate. Anyone interested in acting in the age group of 3-90 years can join the agency.   The agency has made its mark in the industry with big budget commercials like that of Pepsi, where the actor Drew Carey can be seen acting along with 1000 more actors. The agency broadcasted this advertisement on the 26th anniversary of Ariza Talent in 2012.   The agency is associated with the ‘Metro Orlando Film Commission.’ As a result, it supports a multitude of the community initiatives of Central Florida. The professionals of the agency organize seminars and deliver lectures in many of the esteemed educational institutions. They have even worked as instructors and mentors of the Boys and Girls Clubs of the USA and in YMCA.   The Ariza Talent and Modeling Agency plays a key role in shaping the careers of budding talents. This agency makes an earnest effort to exhibit the talent of the budding artists so that they can make a lucrative career in the showbiz world. Their passion, dedication, and sincerity have helped them establish themselves as a reputed modeling agency in the Central Florida area of the USA. The members of the agency go to any length to bring out the best from the aspiring actors. They choose young talents solely based on their acting mettle and not on appearance.   The agency has made its presence felt in the industry as it specializes in training both amateur and seasoned actors. It has earned a name for itself in the industry for providing talented performers, models, and actors to the entertainment industry. Due to the sincere effort, hard work, and technical skill of the members of the agency, this modeling agency has been able to offer stiff competition to its rivals and emerge as a dominant player in the industry. Thus, young and enthusiastic talents who want to advance their careers in films or modeling should enroll in this agency for honing their acting skills.