All You Need to Know About Your Car Battery and its Selection

Your car battery helps power the car's engine and provides a charge for all the electricals and electronic accessories. It is responsible for overall power supply to your vehicle. Usually the car batteries last around four-five years, but when they struggle to turn the engine over it's time to replace them. Leave it any longer and it will cost more than it has to. So, the smart choice is to buy a new battery well in time.

To buy a new car battery, find out what sort of battery you need by checking your vehicle's maintenance guide. Different cars require different amounts of power and different size of batteries. If you don't have access to your vehicle's manual, take your car to the nearest mechanic for assistance in identifying the right size of the battery and required power. A perfect fit keeps the battery snug in the battery tray and working with the factory battery hold down the system. This prevents battery damage by keeping the vibration to a minimum.

Furthermore, to choose the right battery for your car, you need to know the basic nomenclature for batteries. The basic parameters are Ampere-Hour (Ah) rating, Cranking amps (CA), Cold Cranking amps (CCA), and Reserve Capacity (RC). The voltage for which the electrical systems for cars are designed is standardized to 12 Volts. Cranking amp rating denotes the peak current a battery can deliver for 30 seconds at 0°C. Ampere-hour rating denotes how long the battery be able to provide current of particular amperage. Higher Ah will result in more powerful battery, while Cold Cranking amps is nothing but Cranking amps at -18°C. A good CA and CCA will ensure smooth cold start. These parameters directly impact your battery's life cycle, so care must be taken while selecting a new battery for your vehicle.

All batteries are not designed in the same manner therefore all differ in durability. Some are designed to withstand in extreme cold conditions, some are designed for warm conditions. For example purchase a battery with higher CCA if you are residing in a cold area. So, weather has an important role to play in the selection of your car battery. Since everything can be bought online today so as a car battery. However you should check and compare the prices of the selected batteries on more than two different websites. It will help you in buying your car battery at the lowest price. There are many websites that compare the specifications along with the price from different e-commerce portals.

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