7 Factors That Cause Mobile Applications to Crash

Mobile Application Development has evolved to unimaginable heights in the past decade.  But in spite of the leaps in technology each day, the mobile apps continue to crash. This problem surfaces in both iOS development and Android development and causes frustration in customers at unexpected times.

Have you ever wondered that why some apps and some devices are more prone to crash mid-function than others? The reason behind application crash depends on various factors:


1.       The Demand for the App in Question:

Mobile app developers have a plan prepared beforehand when they develop an app. Throughout the duration of development, they stick to that plan and execute the final submission testing. So if in the initial plan, the said mobile application was tailored for limited traffic it cannot support heavy traffic.  That’s why it will keep crashing. If you hire a dedicated developer, you can avoid this issue.

2.       Poor Internet Connection:

This factor happens at the user’s end. If the network connection of user's device is spotty then the application will be rendered incapacitated. A solid flawless app development strategy should have a backup strategy for the signal drop. That way whether you use this app on office Wi-Fi or on mobile data, it will offer same flawless experience.

3.       Too Much Code:

Mobile app developers need to remember that there is a difference between website and application/ they don’t have to offer everything a desktop app does.  If they only offer the functionality a user is most likely to use in a handheld device then a lot of complex and irrelevant code can be avoided. And as they say, the best, bug-free code is one you don’t write.

4.       Bad, Buggy Code

Now for the main reason app crash. The reason that causes major app crash is erring on programmers' end. There are so many so-called developers in the market today, who claim to be experts based on the online tutorials. Any apps developed by such developers aren’t properly planned, executed or tested which sometimes an app’s total failure. These badly coded apps have integration issues and cannot process the requests and fall apart instead. Always hire dedicated developers from professional backgrounds like DevBatch’s dedicated mobile developers working in San Francisco.

5.       Faulty User Interface

The design of a mobile app blends technology and interface to deliver an efficient attractive service. This mix of UI & UX should be flawless for an optimized app experience. If the front end is poor then the app is more likely to crash.

6.       Incompetent Browser or Device:

Not all browsers are alike, not all devices have the same capacity to run apps smoothly. Cheap devices are mostly unable to handle more advanced apps. It’s one of the reasons most game apps cause issues on low-priced devices, as they require more device specs.

7.       Switching between Connections:

If you keep switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data, it might negatively impact your app efficiency.