3 Famous Football Player`s Haircuts

Without any doubts, football is the most popular game of this century. Successful football players turn to be famous people. It is not surprising that young guys over the world want to copy out everything from their idols, starting from basic behavior, up to haircut and cloth. Leading players set not only a general mood of every game, but also define basic hairstyling trends in modern fashion world. These guys prove that even the simplest haircuts can look gorgeous if styled well.

If you are looking for a new haircut for yourself, our professionals at barber shop in new york city offer you an ultimate list of trendy football player`s haircuts you can copy out this fall.

# 1 Lionel Messi and his Faux Hawk

Lionel Messi was proclaimed to be a best football player many times. We all love this Barcelona`s star not only for his perfect playing, but also for his attractive look and handsome hairstyles. His ultimate spiky hairstyle with bald faded sides one more time proves that Lionel has extremely sophisticated and exquisite taste. If you want to embrace it into life, buy some styling pomade or wax of strong fixation.

# 2 Antoine Griezmann and Smooth Side Part

If Lionel Messi's hairstyle is too sharp and daring for you, pay attention to Antoine Griezmann`s. His hair is much more sophisticated, sleek and elegant. No sharp tips, and typical faded sides, just polished top and charming side part. If you are brave enough, you can try to color tips of top layer in some interesting color. Play on contrast, if you have dark hair – use blonde dye, and vice versa.

# 3 Gareth Bale and Layered Cut

Are you ready to spend hours and hours in front of the mirror, trying to make your hair look neat and tidy, Gareth Bale`s layered haircut is for you. It has a quite long top with lots of layering and definite texture. Shorter sides and back will create major contrast and highlight you face structure and distinctive bones.  

Steal one of these handsome hairstyles from famous football players and style your life like a star.